Our Core Services

Strategic Advisory

Our experienced strategists and advisors provide direct support in defining desired project and product outcomes and converting desired outcomes into actionable steps with measurable timelines.

The strategic advisory service also includes access to our strategic team’s network of human and non-human resources to aid the timely execution of strategic initiatives

Project Management

Our digital project management system streamlines workflows, enhances collaboration, and allows for teams and resources to share materials and information quickly and safely.

We provide easy-to-use tools for effectively managing change requests, delivering reports, and ongoing tracking of development and progress towards project milestones.

Product Development

Our product development process focuses heavily on the ideation, business/technology scoping and architecture phases in an effort to not only exceed our clients’ expectations, but also exceed the expectations of their current and future customers.

Following ideation and scoping exercises, we begin creating  technical documentation and formulating a detailed product plan. Our product managers and technical specialists then engage development resources and oversee the entire development process through testing, launch, and post-launch maintenance.

Private Placement

Block Blox leverages an expansive network of investment institutions, groups, and individuals to provide fundraising support to only our most compelling clients with have fundraising needs.

The private placement service includes exploring opportunities for roadshows, private meetings, and speaking engagements according to specific fundraising needs.

Additional Services

Smart Banking Infrastructure

(KYC, AML, Custodial)

Strategic Partnerships

Business Model Audits & Corporate Strategy Recommendations

Smart Contract & Infrastructure Security Audits

Security Token Issuance and Regulatory Compliance Support

Technical Documentation

Executive Summary
Product Requirements
System Architecture Models

Sales & Funnel Management

Design & Branding

Global Marketing & Public Relations

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